The Pit, The Prison & The Palace

Chevre, I’ve always wanted to be able to preach like the black Baptist preachers do. While living in Memphis, I had several occasions to hear different preachers and I grew to love the eloquence, the passion, the cadence and music of some of the finest preachers....

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Hearing the Silence

Chevre, When you have a chance to hike in the desert, as I have on a few occasions and did recently, something interesting happens: far away from the noise of civilization you can hear the silence. Absence Can Be A Presence I remember reading Jean Paul Sartre’s Being...

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Reminder: Shabbat Dessert: Life Revealing Itself

Chevre, Just a reminder that Rachel and Robin will lead a discussion of “The Bell and the Blackbird,” written by David Whyte, about the sense of revelation in life that seems to stand both inside you and far beyond you.  Renee and Wayne will lead our tefilot. Jane and...

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