I’ve spoken with you about a “Civil Rights Pilgrimage” for B’Chavana, from Birmingham to Memphis.  We’re close to choosing a date for that and we’ll let you know as soon as we do.  In the meantime, the tour leader is a friend of mine, Reggie Harris.  Reggie has performed as a folk singer and, more important, been a civil rights activist through his music and in other important ways for decades.  And now Reggie will spend a morning with us at a potluck brunch on Sunday, Dec. 23.

Reggie Harris

Our time together will feature Reggie sharing a bit of his story; an insider’s understanding of the Civil Rights Pilgrimage that we’re planning; maybe a couple of songs; and, of course, great food and fellowship. And if you think his smile is big in this picture, his laughter and his heart are even larger.

Some of you will remember the song we used to sing during our Torah service, “Tree of Life.” I learned that song from Reggie and it appeared on one of his more recent albums: Tree of Life, Reggie Harris (audio).

We’ll begin promptly at 10:30 am at Rachel and Richard’s home. A potluck notice for sign up will go out that week, if not earlier.

FYI: the night before, Saturday, Reggie will perform at/on WFMT.  You can buy tickets to attend or listen on the radio.  On Sunday night, he will perform in the home of someone local.  For more info about that, send me an email.