We enjoyed a beautiful Shabbat morning at Karen and Larry’s home, able to look at the trees and the serene, snow-filled surrounding while also going deep within.  Our intimate davvening prepared us well for an extended exploration of Dr. King’s thoughts on civil disobedience, non-violent protest, racism and other such topics as he expressed them in his famous “Letter From A Birmingham Jail.” The initial conversation during tefilot was so engaging that it spilled over into lunch.

After tefilot and dinner this Shabbat, Rachel will lead us in a game both thoughtful and humorous: 6-Word Memoirs. We’ll use this method as we once did on Shavuot some years ago, both to explore the stories that we tell about ourselves and to deepen our understanding of one another’s journey.

Rachel, Rich, Gail and Chris will host. Please don’t wait until later in the week; sign up right away:  For further info, contact Rachel: [email protected]; (847) 602-1549.

Remember please: We support the work of the KUMC Food Pantry. This Friday, please bring peanut butter and jelly.

6:00     Gather, snacks, schmooze
6:30     Shabbat tefilot
7:20     Dinner & dessert
8:15     6-Word Memoirs

I hope you remain safe and warm this week and I look forward to celebrating Shabbat with you.