What a wonderful Rosh Hashana we shared together, filled with deep reflection, spirited singing and shared laughter.  I am grateful for our community and what we have built together.

Since people have asked for copies, I’m posting here two items from Monday’s service: Sarah’s beautiful poem and a link to my morning sermon.

G’mar Chatima Tova,

Rabbi Belgrad’s Rosh Hashana Sermon: Striving for Mentschlichkeit  (

Sarah’s Poem for Rosh Hashana Morning

Glossy skies
Faded eyes
Discouraging glances
From cerebral spies

Peaceful minds
Shrieking tearful sighs
Breathless to show defenseless ties

Shoes on pavement
Gravel locked into place
For they have a purpose already made

But why must the flowers bloom,
In spring when they are supposed to
What if their favorite season is autumn?

What is meant to be
And what is destiny
Is in the power of every being

Paint your mind
Using colors of your disguise
Because the answer will come in due time

With this new year
Don’t fret don’t fear
The months go on
But you are here

Remember past lives
The cheers and the sighs
L’shana tova
To the friends by my side

-Sarah Levin