Recently, the va’ad solicited your feedback regarding my work and B’Chavana programming.  One request was that I share more of my own thinking during our learning; another was that we foster discussion of my blog posts.  This Friday night, we’ll do both.

I posted last week my ideal, imaginary press conference, in which a perpetrator of sexual harassment and/or abuse confessed.  We’ll use that post as the basis for our conversation on Friday night, continuing an exploration of repentance that began during our last Friday night gathering.  If you’re able, I recommend reading the post (again) in advance, but it’s not necessary; I’ll bring copies with me.  We’ll read and discuss it together.

Gail and Chris will host.  To sign up for the potluck dessert:  For further information, contact Gail: [email protected]; (847) 612-7387.

We’ve changed our timing a little bit so that we can learn and end the evening a little bit earlier, also in response to your feedback.  The new schedule is below.  Please note a couple of things.  First, tefilot will begin at 7:00 and there will be no social time before that; so please arrive a few minutes before 7:00.  Second, our intention with dessert is to use the time to pick up dessert and to bring it to our learning.
7:00   Shabbat ma’ariv service
7:45   Dessert
8:00   Learning: Sexual Harassment, Abuse and Making Things Right

I look forward to celebrating and learning with you.