I’m taking a little time off and not writing a complete post this week. Instead, there are two videos that I want to share with you.

The first is of Sacha Baron Cohen delivering his acceptance speech upon receiving the Anti-Defamation League’s International Leadership Award. Cohen’s speech is intelligent, insightful and provocative, and runs just under 25 minutes. Thanks to my son, Benj, for pointing me to it.

The second is of Deborah Lipstadt, one of our premier scholars of the Holocaust and antisemitism. As, sadly, antisemitic incidents abound – it seems, of late, to be a daily occurrence – I thought you might be interested to hear her speak about her latest book, Antisemitism: Here and Now. Prof. Lipstadt spoke to this topic last week at the Biennial Convention of the Reform Movement here in Chicago; I had wanted to hear her but was unable to make it. I couldn’t find a video of that presentation, but found this 55-minutes video of her presentation earlier this year at the Chicago Humanities Festival. In it, she presents a broad overview of the topic as well as insight into current affairs.

Chag urim l’simcha – Susan joins me in wishing you a Chanuka filled with light and joy, despite the darkness and turmoil around us.