The holiday of Shavuot is soon upon us – we’ll celebrate this coming Saturday night with a special program.

Shavuot is the holiday that brings to partial fruition the promises of Pesah.  In the liberation from Egypt, God promised two things: one, that God and Israel would forever more be entered into a sacred partnership and, two, that Israel would live their role in that partnership in the land of Israel.  Shavuot marks the establishment of the sacred partnership, when Israel arrives at Mt. Sinai to learn God’s lessons for living in the land – lessons that would enable Israel to create a society that would emulate God’s dreams for humanity.  The rabbis likened that meeting to a wedding: God held the mountain like a huppah (wedding canopy) over Israel, and Aseret HaDibrot (known popularly as the Ten Commandments) were the ketubah, the marriage contract, which Israel willingly accepted.

Our celebration of Shavuot, then, will replicate that moment.  We’ll imagine ourselves standing at Sinai; we’ll listen to the call of Aseret HaDibrot; we’ll share life lessons that we’ve learned and the dramatic ways in which we’ve learned them.  All preceded by a potluck dairy dessert, traditional for Shavuot.

Gail and Chris will host:  For further info, please contact Gail: (847) 612-7387; [email protected]

7:00      A Very Dairy Dessert
7:30      The Moth, a la B’Chavana: Learning Life Lessons
8:15      Havdalah
             D’var Torah: Learning Life Lessons from Aseret HaDibrot
Service: Aseret HaDibrot

I hope you have a good week and I look forward to sharing Shavuot with you.